Indi prefers the whole bed!
     Sooo sweet at this age!


bree     akasha     friski     izzi     indi
friski and indi have NEW babies !!!!
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Vom Haus Leck is a small family owned kennel nestled in the beautiful

mountains of North Carolina . Our dogs are first and foremost much loved members of our family, and loyal friends .They share our home, 
our hearts and our lives.Our puppies are born in our home, and are constantly loved, monitored and introduced to the daily sights and sounds of being part of a human pack, a family.
 Many kennels speak of socialization as if it were a great mystery,but before our puppies even open their eyes, they are exposed to a wide variety of stimuli, the normal sounds of their futures.They are not fearful of people, having been constantly exposed to our teenaged children and their friends.They are handled and adored by our 5 grand children on their weekly visits to gramma's house. They are happy , healthy well adjusted babies, well equipped for their futures as show dogs, protectors, or lifelong companions. All of our breeding stock is OFA certified.
                              Bree thinks the couch is hers! bree